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About Us

“At INordic, Innovation is chanted as a daily mantra. We inhale problems every day and absorb the new ideas which are our oxygen”

Our culture: We build a strong culture within the company by being more Open minded, having freedom to negate and responsibility to deliver

Our belief and values: We always believe in the words, Build Trust | Enable Growth. Our commitment towards delivery, transparency in dealing with internal and external customers, making innovation an integral part of the company are our core values.

Our Services


We build analytics solutions to our clients with respect to their organizations vision, business needs and goals. Making your DNA reflect in our solutions is essential for us to make your analytics journey successful at your organisation. Our agile and progressive elaboration approach gives a clear picture to everyone about the development process and possibilities to make efficient and faster decisions.
How: INordic always validates your analytics strategy versus business strategy before engaging itself into a project. We believe if we understand and lay the foundation strong, it is easy to develop a strong business centric analytics infrastructure that supports your company’s vision and objectives.


Mobile has become an integral part of ones life. Mobile usage is increasing in a rapid pace and transactions are happening faster. Depending upon your existing business model, we build mobile applications that can boost up your sales figures and also remove end to end inefficiencies to make your business, a success story.

Inordic Ventures

You have an idea, we know how to take it to market. We believe in an open and transparent society, an idea is of great worth, so we have strong integrity rules that respect the inventors contribution and provide a fair equity in the spinoff company. Our services include Idea incubation, IT development and business development.


Analytics & Business Intelligence remains the top technology priority for enterprise growth. With increased cloud adoption and mobility, business intelligence has become more prevalent in S&M businesses. We offer end to end services, implementing and supporting business intelligence platforms

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